One Tree?

We might do well to argue up front that there is perhaps no such thing as one, single, isolatable tree—trees exist as intensely interconnected organisms that thrive and indeed require a range of mutualist associations through which energy, nutrients, and information is exchanged. An understanding of one tree quickly gives way to an understanding of the community of trees, and throughout the studio we will consistently interrogate the ways that our landscape imaginaries might be tuned to embrace this arboreal collectivity. Throughout the semester, we will use the allee as a laboratory—asking questions of the trees, asking questions of their context, and asking questions of ourselves.

Primers of Forestry

Here’s a brief article written by a Harvard grad student who won the 2011 Young Curator’s award at the Canadian Centre for Architecture for an exhibition titled “First, The Forests.” The article is fairly straight forward, but I think the way he talks about forests as “lists, charts, factories, systems, models or assets” is interesting, particularly that through a bureaucratic lens and facilitated by certain ways of documenting, forests can be “deconstructed and reconstructed in the form of a list.” There are lots of links in the article which are worth following. (And lots of other great articles on the site if you have time to do some exploring.)

Primers of Forestry – CCA

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