How far can squirrels travel?

According to a test by United Exterminating Company to trap and track the squirrels through both using straight-line runs and zig-zag patterns to different areas and spray paint to mark them, it turns out:1- 2miles: squirrels don’t have any trouble getting back

1- 2miles: squirrels don’t have any trouble getting back

5-7 miles (with zig-zag pattern): returns were rare, 1 out of 15-20.

10-12 miles: Occasionally, there were squirrels returning back, but less than a half-dozen times

25 miles: only one surprising return

Conclusion: activity range is less than 5 mile. It is very rare for squirrels to go larger than 10 miles.

So the squirrels really can travel everywhere to search places to have fun and for food resources.

One Reply to “How far can squirrels travel?”

  1. Thank you for this. I have had a problem with squirrels nesting in my vehicle engine compartments. This is our worst squirrel year in 30 years. I’ve trapped and released 8 so far and no sign that I’m anywhere close to making a dent. I release where convenient for me, between 2 and 6 miles. I may have to expand that and give it more thought. I appreciate the information. We have non-native eastern gray squirrels living in the Puget Sound area. Completely out of control.


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